Case Study: On-Site Generation At PPG Paints Arena

The PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh — home of major league sports and events — hosts 150-plus events a year, including professional ice hockey games, concerts and more, welcoming up to 20,000 guests at a time.

Scott Tatar, operations manager for AEG — a global sports and entertainment management company that also handles the cleaning — directs 140 housekeepers and is responsible for spotlessly cleaning the entire facility by 8 a.m. after events. 
Delivering exceptional cleaning for the arena seating bowl, executive suites, conference rooms, restrooms, corridors and all other areas, takes a team effort and a quality partner.
“PathoSans has been a great partner for us, working with us to vastly improve the cleanliness of our facility,” says Tatar.  
With a healthcare background, Tatar’s expectations for high-performance, pristine cleaning befit the athletic performance showcased at the world-class arena.

On-site generation of ElectroChemically Activated (ECA) Solutions, using a patented system by Westfield, Indiana-based PathoSans — a division of the global Spraying Systems Company — helps the arena meet high-performance goals.

PPG Paints Arena is known as one of the cleanest facilities in the world; as reported by travel sites, fans and even network television announcers. 

“We make excellent cleaning and disinfecting solutions on-site for about 7 cents per gallon, as opposed to much more than that amount for the previous products,” says Tatar. “We are seeing dramatic cost savings, and our facility has never been cleaner.”

Like most quests for better performance, it has been a progression.

“Prior to PathoSans, we were using five different cleaning products and employees struggled with proper usage,” says Tatar. “These chemicals left residue, were fragranced and a major annual expense. With PathoSans, it’s simple. There are only two ready-to-use products: PathoClean for cleaning and PathoCide for disinfecting. With fewer products and no mixing, it takes a lot of the thinking out of the cleaning process, and there are no fragrances, residues or exorbitant costs.”

The next-generation ECA system uses water, salt and electricity to produce two solutions (both with 30-day or longer shelf life) which are dispensed to all areas of the facility.

“We use the PathoSans ECA solutions everywhere,” says Tatar. “PathoClean is wonderful on glass with no streaking, and tremendous on carpets. PathoCide is a very effective disinfectant. Both solutions are non-irritating and environmentally friendly. The facility looks great, is hygienic and smells clean at lower cost. Compared to the previous products, the difference is night and day.”

PPG Paints Arena is a LEED Gold-certified sports facility. The PathoSans system can also assist with LEED certification as a green cleaning solution. PathoSans has Green Seal certification and is environmentally responsible.

“We are saving money, it’s good for the environment, and the facility is very clean,” says Gary Desjardins, general manager. “It’s a no-brainer.”

Ask the professionals who maintain it and they will tell you it’s the PathoSans system that helps match stellar cleaning performance with great athletic performance.

Contributed by PathoSans