Case Study: Employee Time Tracking Software Helps BSC Service Baseball Park

Contributed by Lathem Time Corp.

AccuClean, Inc. is a commercial janitorial company serving businesses and facilities throughout Atlanta, including Major League Baseball stadium Turner Field, which was, until recently, home to the Atlanta Braves. 

The Challenge

AccuClean’s CFO, Tracy Hessaway, manages 50 employees at the Braves stadium. They’re at every home game, sometimes cleaning through six home games back-to-back. Because of their rotating schedules, Hessaway needed a time and attendance solution that could manage the worked and overtime hours for these on-site workers.

The Solution

After speaking with a Lathem solutions consultant, AccuClean selected CloudTouch fingerprint reader time clocks with a PayClock Online subscription from Lathem Time Corp., Atlanta.

PayClock Online’s employee time and attendance software, paired with CloudTouch, makes it easy for Hessaway to manage employee time and attendance at multiple client locations. Hessaway uses PayClock Online to manage time records for full-time and temporary employees and pulls a report each night to stay on top of hourly totals so as not to overuse labor hours and hit overtime.

“It’s critical I don’t overuse labor and overtime,” says
Hessaway. “PayClock Online has been tremendous, and its reports are great to help me monitor all the hours.”

The Benefits

Hessaway typically works at the office, but reports to the Braves stadium when there is a game. Because of the volume of AccuClean custodial workers on-site at the stadium, editing paper employee time cards was time consuming and caused many errors. Hessaway would have to look at each employee’s time cards during a game and find all the missing punches.

With PayClock Online, she now knows immediately if someone misses a punch and she can make edits on the fly — in real-time. She can pull reports from anywhere, not just the Braves stadium.

PayClock Online reports export seamlessly and employee data integrates directly with AccuClean’s QuickBooks payroll system. This is another advantage and a big time saver when AccuClean processes employee payroll each week.

“I would definitely recommend it, especially to those service companies that have a lot of employees,” says Hessaway.