There is a need for subject matter experts in relationships with third-party companies, so approaching them in a proactive, creative way that can meet the facility needs while also cutting costs will help ingratiate BSCs to those companies. Knight suggests offering alternative bids in addition to a compliant bid that highlights different frequencies and efficiencies to show a spectrum of cleaning options.

“You can go to an end user or facility management company and say, ‘I appreciate that you’ve included me on the bid list, but from the looks of this facility, it appears that you may benefit from doing X, Y or Z instead of what you’re asking for,’” Knight says. “There’s a way to make it a win-win for everyone.”

Mid-sized and small BSCs may feel out of their league when approaching a third-party facility maintenance organization with a bid. But they do have some inherent advantages, Zerivitz says, like the ability to be responsive and nimble in solving problems in a timely manner.

As a mid-sized BSC, Pro Clean may not have the geographical breadth to service customer branches across the region, but when an owner like Zerivitz can be at any facility in his company’s service area within three hours of a call, it shows a commitment to service that a national company just can’t match.

Knight encourages BSCs to regularly take a hard look at the value being delivered to customers, and how it can be improved.

“Always strive to enhance your value to a customer,” he says. “Make sure they recognize you’re a valuable part of their operation. And if they do decide to outsource through a third party, they could require your company be used.”

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