“Make The Noise Go Away” is a small book, only 100 pages, and was written by Larry Linne, a former professional football player, now chairman of Intellectual Innovations and recent speaker at the BSCAI Executive Management Conference in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that this book, or at least the application of the principles taught in the book, have changed my life. As CEOs, we have a tendency to have a lot of “noise” in our heads. Examples include the busyness caused by lack of communication, non-caring or non-engaged employees, poor follow-up and accountability, angry customers, unpaid bills, and other things that lead to sleepless nights, lack of focus, upset stomachs, stress, strained relationships, and decreases in passion and motivation. We were not designed to live that way.

This book shares a story of how one CEO and his second in command eliminated the noise. I have used the teachings in this book, especially how to create a structure of upward communication, to completely redefine how our team operates. In fact, when I was looking to hire an executive vice president  (EVP) last year to be my second in command, I skipped the job description and sent my top candidate a copy of this book and simply asked, “Can you do this for me?”

Since hiring our EVP using these principles, I have found that I am now free to do those things that bring the most value to our company and our franchisees. I am free to dream again, imagine ideas and have fun as an entrepreneur. The noise has mostly gone away.

One of my favorite lessons is when the second in command brings the owner a question that is in need of an answer or decision. Linne instructs that the second in command also should bring possible solutions with both negative and positive consequences for each solution. This gives the owner everything he or she needs to make a decision. Otherwise, the owner would now have “noise” on his or her plate with work to do to determine the possible choices and consequences. Everything about this book makes great sense to me.

A Consequence Worksheet is included on page 22 to help readers immediately apply some of Linne’s teachings to their businesses. If you missed hearing Linne speak in person at the BSCAI Executive Management Conference, simply order a copy of the book. Your return on time and investment will be worth it. Plus, can you really put a price on a good night’s sleep, free of noise and full of peace?



Todd Hopkins
Founder and CEO
Office Pride Franchise System
Palm Harbor, Florida



Make the Noise Go Away
by Larry Linne

Written as a parable, “Make The Noise Go Away,” shares the struggles of a business owner and his second in command. During a weekend retreat, both men devise the best strategies to make the “noise” go away and make both jobs more enjoyable.

The book, published by iUniverse Publishing, is aimed at both first- and second in commands, with takeaways to immediately improve decision-making, communication, new idea presentations and more.