In order to provide accurately priced and competitive bids, BSCs need to develop workloading expertise.

There are several resources to attain workloading education. Some BSCs have turned to outside consultants to help make the process easier. Still others have purchased job workloading software.

“It can go from a spreadsheet to a fully integrated application for thousands of dollars,” says Peduto. “Some software programs are very basic; others allow you to workload millions of square feet and save it all for later.”

Software is available to run either on in-house servers or as a Cloud-based system where users simply log onto the Internet. BSCs plug in the different workloading variables and let the software do the work. BSCs can easily calculate different scenarios to find the exact cleaning program to meet each client’s needs.

Additionally, there are workloading courses offered to help contractors fine-tune their data. Depending on the size of a BSC’s company, it may be prudent to hire an employee who does the workloading exclusively or to contract with a consultant.

It is important note that not all workloading estimates should be set in stone.

“If you have to add additional space or make changes to a space, workloading provides a framework with which to make changes or adjustments,” says Peduto.

It is also a good idea to adjust the workload after BSCs gather their data, especially if they’ve determined that they’ve allocated too much time or not enough time on specific tasks.

“It’s a really important step to fine tune your workload,” says Walker. “A lot of facilities do it four times a year. It’s an important step, especially with larger facilities that have been long term clients.”

Workloading doesn’t just make financial sense for BSCs, it is a professional way to conduct business. In fact, ISSA saw it crucial enough to include workloading in its Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS).

“It is clearly a best practice because our business is based almost exclusively on labor, and labor is the most significant cost everyone in the industry has,” says Peduto. “Determining how to arrive at the amount of labor you need accurately is critical to the success of your business.”

Hilary Daninhirsch is a freelance writer based in Pittsburgh.

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