Eric Luke

Like many in this industry, Eric Luke didn't plan on a career in cleaning. He actually began as a certified public accountant, but was soon exposed to "the charisma, character, fun and proof of meaningful work" that cleaning presented.

"I traded in my T-ledger accounts, starchy white shirts and boring ties for vacuums, brooms and toilet bowl cleaners," says Luke.

He joined Varsity Contractors in 1989 and quickly benefited from their corporate membership in the Building Service Contractors Association International. Luke then became an individual member of the association in 1993, taking full advantage of educational offerings, involving himself in various committees and eventually taking a seat on the board.

Eric Luke, CBSE, CPA and president of MG Capital Maintenance, has taken the reins as the 2021 BSCAI president. To outline how Luke plans to lead the association, Contracting Profits asked him a series of questions about goals he has for his term.

What are your goals for 2021 as BSCAI president?

It is a curious and challenging, yet fun time to be part of BSCAI and this awesome essential industry. I am looking forward to leading our capable team of officers and board members.

Last year definitely tested the grit and resilience of our association, but I wager that contractors in our association fared better than the competition. We really leaned on each other through our peer groups, more than 20 Town Hall meetings, as well as our virtual conferences, podcasts and timely COVID training courses for our members.

My primary goals are those that our previous leadership team shares. First, focus on providing quality training and content for our membership — initially virtually — and then quickly returning to in-person events when the health risks are sufficiently minimized. Second, capitalize on the growing membership momentum we enjoyed in 2020 through dedicated peer-to-peer interaction and proving to our membership the business advantages associated with being educated by BSCAI.

Finally, provide meaningful ways for members to serve in the association and improve, if you will, our "farm system" of finding, nurturing and promoting future leaders among a more diverse group of contractors throughout our membership. The future of this organization is really dependent on leaders and engaged members who are out there but not yet serving. We need to create a better path for membership to serve on committees, the board and peer groups.

What drew you to a board position and run for president?

I was taught early in my career the importance of education, networking, continuous improvement, serving and giving back to the industry. BSCAI provided a place where I could do all that.

I became involved in committees early on and was drawn to the quality members I met, worked with and learned from. They inspired me to be better at my business. As an involved member, I was fortunate to be asked to be on the board where I tried to contribute and make the industry a positive career choice.

After serving nine years on the board, I was given the opportunity to become an officer. I consider it a blessing in my career and found enjoyment being part of a business association where someone can get back more than they give.

Along the way, my company grew and prospered, and I know that BSCAI helped us do that. Networking and partnering with fellow member companies brought significant business opportunities with other clients. I can say without reservation that the two largest contracts we ever sold were directly impacted because of things we learned, and people we knew within this association. We helped each other grow and compete.

What is BSCAI doing to help members navigate pandemic challenges?

The BSCAI has always been the clear choice for building service contractors looking to learn from other successful BSCs how to win, prosper and grow their companies. Together this past year, members met in BSCAI sponsored peer groups, town hall meetings and COVID-specific training and certification courses to help navigate the tumultuous pandemic waters. Working together among our membership, our companies had an edge on the competition in surviving and flourishing during this rugged tragic past year.

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