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Eric Luke, renowned and respected leader at MG Capital Maintenance, Morrisville, North Carolina, has been honored with the distinguished 2023 James E. Purcell Leadership Award from the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI). This award recognizes Eric's exceptional leadership, unwavering dedication, and profound impact on the organization and the industry at large.

The James E. Purcell Leadership Award is a testament to Luke’s outstanding leadership qualities and the instrumental role he plays (and has played) within the company and association. His visionary guidance, strategic instincts, and an unwavering commitment to excellence have not only shaped success throughout his own endeavors, but has paid dividends for BSCAI, as well — he served as president during a particularly fraught pandemic-affected term and has also set a benchmark for leadership in the industry.

Under Luke's guidance, MG Capital Maintenance thrived, grew, and reached new milestones. His leadership style has been marked by innovation, inclusivity, and a commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and growth. It is his ability to inspire and motivate teams that has been instrumental in their collective success, and that helped provide the leadership BSCAI needed when navigating choppy waters.

“It was a curious and challenging, yet fun time to be part of BSCAI and this awesome essential industry.” That’s how Luke describes taking the reins as president of BSCAI during unprecedented circumstances.

This award is not only a recognition of Luke's individual accomplishments, but also a celebration of the dedication and hard work put in by the teams that he oversees, and a career that saw a dedicated professional fully invest in the work at hand.

“I traded in my T-ledger accounts, starchy white shirts and boring ties for vacuums, brooms and toilet bowl cleaners," says Luke, describing his foray into the cleaning field, and the dirty work that ensued.

Career-wise, he joined up with Varsity Contractors in 1989, where he noted the enormous benefits stemming from corporate membership in BSCAI. He’s subsequently been an individual member of the group since 1993, where he took part in various committees and eventually moved his way to a board seat.

Luke is also known for his ability to empower and nurture talent during his year as BSCAI president. He comments that there is immense value in creating an environment where creativity flourishes, innovation is encouraged, and everyone feels respected. His impact extends beyond the organization and serves as an inspiration to the industry as a whole.

“We need to improve our ‘farm system’ of finding, nurturing and promoting future leaders among a more diverse group of contractors throughout our membership,” he says. “The future of this organization is really dependent on leaders and engaged members who are out there but not yet serving. I was taught early in my career the importance of education, networking, continuous improvement, serving and giving back to the industry. BSCAI has provided a place where I could do all that.” 

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