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Contributed by BSCAI

As BSCAI's endorsed HR partner, our recruiters know full well the challenge of finding top talent, particularly in this tight labor market. That's why we are excited about the launch of, BSCAI's new industry-specific job board. We know industry-based job boards can be a valuable tool for employers and job seekers alike and, with the power of Kwantek's applicant tracking and onboarding technology, we look forward to recommending it in our talent recruitment efforts.

Here are the top five reasons we plan to use

1. Better Audience. Niche job boards mean our client's job postings are more likely to be viewed by quality talent who are familiar with and work in the building services field. Larger, more general job boards may garner more applicants, but quantity is no substitute for quality. Having an industry-specific board enables us to find those with the experience our clients seek.

2. Better Candidate Database. Waiting for candidates to apply for a position rarely works these days — as recruiters, we have to go find talent. Having a solid database of industry-qualified candidate resumes to search through is one of the most effective ways of finding top talent.

3. Better Prominence. On large sites like Indeed, competition for prominence in how your job is displayed is fierce and expensive. Many companies are forced to pay a premium to receive priority in how the post is displayed and even then prominence is not guaranteed. Postings on sites like are much more likely to level the visual playing field so that the candidates you are looking for are more likely to see your opening than they would be on a national job board.

4. Stronger Community. has the potential to create an industry-specific "community," enabling cleaning companies and candidates to see the types of positions that are evolving and moving in the industry. It truly has the potential to becomes a bellwether of the labor market in the industry — and this can be enormously useful to companies and candidates alike.

5. Smarter Spend. As mentioned above, companies typically have to pay more than list price in order to gain prominence on national job boards. On BSCAI's, you are likely to pay less than you would for other big job boards and reach a more targeted, qualified talent pool. As recruiters, we are always looking for the smartest spend, which this certainly is.

We are excited about BSCAI's new job board and know it will be our go-to when posting for a job opening in the building service industry. We hope to see you there!

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