Matt Urmanski

Matt Urmanski currently heads Essity’s Professional Hygiene business in North America as vice president of sales and marketing. He also is a member of the Essity Professional Hygiene Leadership Team and sits on the board of the International Sanitary Supply Association. 

What are some trends you see developing in the building service contracting industry? 

Urmanski: Labor is still a hot topic within the BSC community, whether it is the expense of labor or the inability to hire enough people to meet customer needs. While in contradiction to the reduced resources, customer expectations remain at a high level due to the post-pandemic stress of bringing employees back into the workplace. We are being asked to show new and innovative solutions to help the BSC market maintain and increase its standard of cleaning while doing so with fewer people.  

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is really heating up, but the cleaning community has been reluctant to adopt change in our category. However, in the last year, our solutions — as well as complementary solutions throughout building services — are becoming a necessity to maintain a hygienic facility. I would expect this trend to continue and for BSCs to continue to invest in either a home-grown solution or to utilize existing systems already on the market.  

At Essity, we are continually innovating to bring products and services into the market that increase the hygiene standard for our customers. We will continue to put a lot of our resources towards future market trends, such as IoT and new dispenser innovation so that we can help shape the overall hygiene market.  

How would you describe your leadership style? 

Urmanski: I am a true believer that fostering empowerment and ownership is crucial in creating high-performing teams. To me, empowerment is inextricably linked with accountability. It is empowerment that allows people to take ownership and accountability that in turn brings strong results. Any team can achieve a best outcome if every team member has a vested stake in it. I consider myself to be authentic and transparent when it comes to my leadership style. I speak my mind and from my heart. I appreciate open communication and feedback with my team members so that they understand our direction, own the process and embrace mutual accountability. 

What is one challenge you’ve experienced in your career, and how did you handle it? 

Urmanski: Business transformation is never an easy task; however, I am energized by these projects. Knowing that the organization is going to be set up for the next 3-5 years brings me a lot of fulfillment, even though it is very challenging. When the business strategy has shifted and the marketplace dynamics change, we must realign the organization and put the right people in the best possible positions to continue driving the company’s success. In volatile moments, it is crucial to have a strong group of leaders that support the business and share the ownership and accountability. By doing this, we can achieve the best results for employees, customers and the company. 

Any advice for new BSCs coming into the industry? 

Urmanski: Always come with a learning mindset — ask questions and listen to your colleagues, customers and suppliers. By being inquisitive, you will uncover true challenges of the business that you support. For example, learn about the prioritization of restrooms, where 45 percent of complaints originate, based on the average across 185 North American BSCs and commercial cleaning providers during 2017-2021 (Source: Statista). Always be on top of all the digital tools and resources that are available. Applying data-driven cleaning approaches will help you to reduce unnecessary dispenser checks and save time. And finally, forming strong and trustworthy relationships with your manufacturers is essential — they are important stakeholders and your best source to share insights and innovations.  

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career? 

Urmanski: Always work hard and with full dedication. Never stop learning something new. And most importantly, have fun and enjoy what you are doing. Since we spend so much of our lives in the business world, creating a work environment that is fun and is enjoyed by all is vital.