Two Paths

When called upon to restore a wet carpet to its previous dry condition, every situation brings up different possibilities. Yet, evaluating the environment, protecting everyone in the facility and determining how to proceed are all universally imperative steps.

Doing so quickly can save everyone involved time and money.

“As a professional resource to building managers, you should have multiple specialized experts you can call on to do this work,” says Bill Griffin, president of Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc., Seattle. He recommends staff have the ability to perform damage control until a qualified restorer arrives.

Larry Cooper, managing partner at Meetings and Events, LLC, Denver, agrees, noting water damage restoration requires certified, well-trained individuals. These people have taken specialized training to learn how to do this work.

Addressing Safety Precautions

Even if training, protocols and equipment are up to snuff, restoration crews need proper approval from the fire department or another local authority prior to entering buildings — especially in instances where severe water damage has occurred.

If the building has occupants and they haven’t left, ask them to grab their private valuables, unplug their electronics and recommend they leave, says Griffin. Workers need personal protective equipment like respirators, eye protection, gloves, vests and hard hats.

When everyone has donned their protective gear, set up signs around the work area to prevent unwanted visitors, along with warning signs where floors may be wet from leaks or mopping.

Griffin also suggests analyzing the job hazards. He says to check for electrical risks, infectious disease, slip-and-fall threats, machinery and structural issues. The Restoration Industry Association has a few more safety suggestions:

Avoid heat stress by keeping employees well hydrated.

Document the damage via photos, videos or moisture mapping.

Keep a written log of what is done every day.

When everyone’s welfare has been handled, the restoration process can commence.

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