To maintain the life of batteries there are a few other tips to consider. Before using floor equipment, all connections between the battery and the machine should be tight and secure. Loose connections can cause wires to “arc,” which may result in melting or shorted wires — a dangerous possibility.

Additionally, batteries must be stored properly. While most distributors recommend buying batteries “only as needed,” manufacturers say batteries can be stored as long as they are fully charged beforehand, and placed in a cool, dry location. End users should not let a battery sit for too long. According to manufacturers, this can cause the battery to “self-discharge” and cut short the life of the battery.

Once removed from storage, the battery should be recharged before use.

Lastly, it is important to check the machine for proper battery installation.

“I had a customer who installed batteries in a floor scrubber himself,” says Bohlman. “When he turned it on in the supply closet, the little blue light indicating that there was power would fill the whole room. Turns out he had put in four 12-volt batteries, instead of four 6-volt ones.”

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