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Most owners of contract cleaning companies probably, at some point, had to clean the facilities of their clients. Whether they started their business as a one-person show, or had to fill in for absent workers, they experienced the physical labor janitors put forth every day. 

Now that these executives work behind a desk rather than a vacuum, they are wise not to forget the efforts of their frontline janitors. Often considered a faceless workforce, janitors are still the face of the company. Their hard work, or lack thereof, determines whether building service contractors are successful or suddenly out of a contract. 

That’s why, starting with this issue, Contracting Profits is proud to celebrate the dedication of these outstanding workers. Each month, we’ll call out one deserving janitor in the Faces of the Industry section as part of our “Faces Of The Frontline” series. Read about our first entry, Bernardo Valencia of SMI Facility Services here

I know Valencia is not alone in his accomplishments. At last year’s BSCAI CLEAN Awards breakfast in Dallas, the winner of the Building Service Employee of the Year Award received a standing ovation — the only award winner to receive one that morning. It was an emotional sight. Later that night, I discussed the experience with BSCs and they shared stories of their own standout employees. It was clear Contracting Profits needed to provide an outlet to feature these exceptional people. 

To submit a candidate for “Faces Of The Frontline,” send an email to I can’t wait to read them.