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Two of the association’s strengths have been its educational events and materials. In the 1980s, BSCA launched and improved a number of these invaluable resources. For example, the popular BSCA Bulletin evolved into a formal, monthly magazine named Services. BSCA utilized new technology with a video training series covering office cleaning, quality control and other topics. Born out of a popular publication, the Bidding and Estimating Seminar was launched as a traveling education opportunity (and is still taught at the Annual Convention today).

BSCA offered plenty of resources for running and improving a contract cleaning firm, but there was still a need to educate about the tasks and challenges of being a CEO. BSCA introduced the CEO Seminar (which still runs today) to teach financial management, organizational structures and other executive level topics in 1984.

Although the word “international” was often left off the association’s name, it was always part of its mission. During the 1980s, membership came from about 40 countries. To reflect the importance of international members, the board added Latin America and European territorial directors. In addition, William Hogg, executive vice president of Toronto’s The Adelaide Company, served as the first association president from outside the United States, from 1983-’84.

Aside from its participation in WFBSC events, BSCA held its own worldwide show to “bring together BSCs from all parts of the world for education and exchange of information.” A BSCA International Congress was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1983. Later, a CEO seminar was held in Ireland at Ashford Castle.

During its growing years, the association was run by executive vice president Walter Cook. His efforts helped mold BSCA into a well-run, financially sound association. He was also greatly responsible for the increase in professionalism. Upon his passing in 1984, the board created the Walter L. Cook Award for Distinguished Service. Carol Dean was appointed as Cook’s successor and she would manage the association for almost 25 years — nearly half of its existence.

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