Woman cleans office and receives award
Maribel Reyes is a day porter at Advocate-Aurora Healthcare Evergreen. To say thank you for her work, the staff there awarded her their own Certificate of Appreciation PHOTOS COURTESY OF BEE LINE SUPPORT

Maribel Reyes has only worked at Bee Line Support for two years, but she already has made her presence known. Reyes is a full-time day porter at Advocate-Aurora Healthcare Evergreen for the Chicago-based contract cleaning company. She is responsible for maintaining overall facility cleanliness, especially in the restrooms, as well as refilling inventory and paper products. In addition, she is on-call, ready to answer any emergencies that may pop up throughout the day, such as spills or dirty patient restrooms. 

Bee Line Support offers cleaning services designed for hospitals and surgical suites. These services can include complex cleaning and disinfecting protocols, disposal of soiled linens or moving equipment. Reyes learned all of these required practices quickly, asking pertinent questions when necessary. She even is proficient to teach other janitors and new hires. 

“Her positive presence has proven to be an absolute godsend for so many of the ill patients that she encounters, and she’s made a huge difference for both the medical staff and the Bee Line team,” says Jamie Henry, Bee Line CEO. “She not only goes above and beyond to uphold high standards of cleaning and sanitation, but she also goes above and beyond to demonstrate high standards of character.” 

Reyes pays close attention to the details that can mean the difference between a healthy and sick patient. She works hard to ensure the facility is clean and sanitary for patients, medical staff and visitors. Not only does she show passion for her job, but also compassion to those she works with and around. 

“No matter who she is interacting with, whether it’s the CEO of the company or a new doorman, she is extremely friendly, sociable, charismatic and kind to every single person she encounters,” says Paige Weber, head of marketing for Bee Line.

The staff at Advocate-Aurora Healthcare Evergreen is so grateful for Reyes that the entire team awarded her their own Certificate of Appreciation. This award is typically given to Evergreen staff, but they felt Reyes deserved the honor even more. 

“It does not matter what the issue is: a soiled bathroom, a dirty exam room, a terminal clean, but Maribel is receptive and gets the job done. ... She does everything you ask with a smile and a positive approach,” says an Evergreen staff member. 

Each month this section will recognize an outstanding frontline janitor. To nominate a deserving employee, email dan.weltin@tradepress.com.