Inspection Software



Service Management Group comes out ahead with an award for a $6.2 million contract and credits much of their success of winning this contract to their use of CleanTelligent Software.

"We have been using CleanTelligent for a little over four years. Each time we introduce CleanTelligent in our bid presentations, clients are immediately impressed. So far, eight out of the last eight presentations has resulted in new business. We attribute much of this success to CleanTelligent.

CleanTelligent helps us offer a complete package to our clients — inspection, communication, scheduling, surveys, and easy access to information. New clients understand that past issues from vendors such as scheduling, communication, and follow-up is a thing of the past. With CleanTelligent, information is at our clients' finger tips so they immediately know when issues are scheduled and addressed — and the clients love that!"

— Victor Carrasquillo, vice president of operations, Service Management Group.


Floor Care



Advance's EcoFlex System auto scrubber technology ends compromises between green and clean. EcoFlex provides the flexibility to clean floors using environmentally responsible methods and still meet clients' expectations for clean floors. Simple, efficient operation lets cleaning professionals get the right level of scrubber performance for the job, eliminate water and detergent waste, and reduce the total cost to clean.

The one-touch flexibility of Advance scrubbers with EcoFlex helps cleaning professionals get more out of their equipment investment. Operators can control pad pressure, water and detergent at the touch of a button. EcoFlex makes it easy to clean any hard-floor surface type, make adjustments for different soil loads and meet expectations for clean and green floors — all with the same machine.

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Daily Cleaning

Procter and Gamble Professional


The Challenge: When Stephen Kelly became General manager of the Cherry Cove Hospitality hotel property in Lexington Park, Md., he and his housekeeping staff weren't happy with their current cleaning supplies vendor. Kelly had used Procter and Gamble Professional products at other hotels and wanted to switch.

The Solution: The hotel began using Tide, Downy, Spic and Span, Mr. Clean and Febreze, among other P&G Professional products in December 2008.

"You can see the difference," said Kelly. "With P&G Professional products our hotel looks clean, smells clean and feels clean. We are in the service business and if you cut corners in cleanliness you are not going to have many guests to serve."

The Results: With P&G, the hotel ended up using fewer products with better results and saved nearly $2,000 in 2009.

"Every month, I have continued to save money," said Kelly. "This is a direct result of P&G Professional's quality products. When you get the job done right the first time you save money in the long run."

The Cherry Cove Hospitality customers agreed. Within six months of the switch, the hotel received a Gold Status for overall guest satisfaction.


Burnishing Pad

ETC of Henderson Inc.


The Blue ACE burnishing pad is the newest addition to our almost 30 years of making the finest floor pads in the industry. With this pad, we created a very soft, dense burnishing pad of fine synthetic fibers to deal with some of the newest finishes on the market. Blue ACE is designed for frequent burnishing with battery, electric or propane machines 1,000 rpm and above.



Spartan Chemical Co. Inc.


CompuClean V10 Custodial Maintenance Management Software has a redesigned look and feel, boasts an enterprise level SQL database, offers a browser based GUI and the scalability to meet the needs of any organization. In essence, Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. created a program that meets the workloading, quality assurance, project tracking and capital equipment management needs of any cleaning operation regardless of size or geographic separation.

The new application has the flexibility to create multiple accounts with different cleaning procedures, quality inspection criteria and personnel. This allows contractors to capture the unique details of cleaning each account and easily generate custom CleanCheck cards.

CompuManage is Spartan's trademarked implementation, training and consulting service that can directly benefit the bottom line of any custodial organization. Users can purchase CompuManage services for just the cost of travel by the implementation team. That's right — there no consulting fees! Learn more at


Chemical Products

Buckeye International Inc.


Capital Hotel and Hospitality Services Inc., cleans high-end hotels, restaurants and other large facilities in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia. One challenge that they were facing in many of their facilities was keeping grout clean in the restrooms. John Marino, owner and president, saw a demonstration of Buckeye Marauder and was convinced it was the product they were looking for.

"Marauder does a great job of cleaning tile and whitening grout," Marino states.

Additionally, the company was searching for the best possible cleaner and disinfectant to use in restroom cleaning. Buckeye Terminator is the solution for both cleaning and disinfecting in one step.

Now they are able to clean and disinfect in one step, saving them a significant amount of time. Another benefit of Buckeye Terminator is that it has a kill claim for MRSA, a major concern in many facilities.