During the Second World War, the U.S. government launched a massive propaganda campaign to persuade the American public to come together and support the fight.

While the cleaning industry doesn’t have the resources of a government to help it improve its image, it does have an abundance of creative, dedicated people. These people strive to bring cleaning out of the shadows, and uplift their employees from the low-wage, unskilled laborers they’re often perceived to be, to the professional guardians of public health they are.

Our cover story addresses how building service contractors and others are helping to fight the good fight. But there are many others in the industry doing their part, and we want to hear about them. Send us your stories of empowerment, inspiration and pride, and we’ll try to publish them in an upcoming issue.

Also this month, we unveil some changes to Contracting Profits. In addition to our updated look, we’re pleased to bring Stephen Ashkin on board. His bimonthly column, “Ashkin on Green” will help BSCs focus on balancing concern for health and environment with what’s best for the bottom line.

We’ll be at booth 665 at the BSCAI show next month. Please stop by and let us know what you think about our new design.