Day Cleaning In Commercial Offices

Customers Demand Green, BSCs Supply It

Green Cleaning Helps Improve IAQ

Examining Aerosol Attributes

Composition Determines the Proper Floor Pad

Choosing the Right Battery for Equipment

Appropriate Upright Vacuum Use

In a rough economy, many facility managers will probably look to save money by cutting back on cleaning. However, they’ll most likely expect their building service contractors to maintain a clean appearance as well. BSCs will once again be forced to do even more in less time. To accomplish this feat, they’ll need the proper tools and procedures.

That’s where Contracting Profits’ Cleaning Professional’s Field Guide comes in. This resource breaks down essential cleaning practices into concise, quick-to-read articles. It will provide BSCs with the latest information on products and current trends needed to best service their accounts.

Keep this guide nearby all year round for the answers to customers’ continual questions and requests. Click here for 2008 Field Guide topics, and 2007 Field Guide topics.

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Day Cleaning Commercial Offices