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Video: Industry Expert Discusses Overlooked Custodial Training Strategies

As a consultant with over 51 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, Bill Griffin of Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc., discusses overlooked components of custodial training programs. He emphasizes the importance of involving staff in program design, promoting active participation, and utilizing effective training methods.

Griffin highlights the misconception of training only occurring in formal sessions, emphasizing that any interaction is an opportunity for learning. Additionally, he underscores the significance of follow-up training and repetition for better retention, suggesting engaging activities and multiple exposures to information.

Griffin also points out the effectiveness of interactive-style training — as shorter attention spans require the routine, active engagement of participants to ensure key details are remembered for both completing jobs correctly and ensuring the safety of frontline staff and building occupants.

In future videos, Griffin will discuss the top benefits of effective custodial training, and the best metrics for gauging how well a training program is working.

posted on 1/29/2024