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Video: Green Seal Leadership Expounds on the Business Value of Pursuing Sustainable Operations

In this edition of the CleanTips video series, we delve into the growing importance of sustainability in the commercial cleaning industry. CleanLink is incredibly fortunate to hear from Sara Risley, Vice President of Green Seal, a leading organization that sets the standard for green cleaning products and services. The advantages of pursuing more sustainable operations are plentiful, and can carry positive ramifications far beyond the environmental bottom-line. 

Why go sustainable? This movement sheds light on the growing consumer and client demand for environmentally friendly cleaning practices. Discover how embracing sustainable solutions can give your business a competitive edge and attract eco-conscious customers. Follow up with learning how Green Seal certification helps cleaning companies differentiate themselves. There's a reason that Green Seal sets rigorous standards for cleaning products and services, not the least of which is ensuring effectiveness while minimizing environmental impact.

Don't wait - there are actionable steps cleaning companies can take right away to implement sustainable practices. Discover eco-friendly cleaning product choices, waste reduction techniques, and strategies for promoting your green initiatives to clients.

Sustainability isn't just good for the planet, it's good for business. Explore the cost-saving benefits of sustainable cleaning practices, from reducing product waste to minimizing environmental hazards and potentially lowering disposal costs.

Learn how embracing eco-friendly practices can help create a healthier work environment for employees, a positive brand image for your company, and a cleaner planet.

posted on 5/1/2024