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Distribution In An Uncertain Economy

Dr. Al Bates,
Profit Planning Group

The "Great Recession" is over, but the emerging economy is not the same one distributors knew before the recent downturn. Customers today are more price sensitive than ever before, but distributors must resist the temptation to lower prices to close a sale.

Dr. Al Bates, president of Boulder, Colo.-based Profit Planning Group will be discussing the new economic environment during his seminar "Driving Profit in the New Economy" at the upcoming ISSA/INTERCLEAN trade show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Oct. 18. Sanitary Maintenance is sponsoring the session.

In this podcast:
• Learn what defines the new economy;
• Find out the best way distributors can increase revenue; and
• Understand why price discipline is so important, especially during an unstable economy.

posted on 8/1/2011