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Dial Down the Volume: Ways to maintain and improve day cleaning processes courtesy of Sanitaire

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In this podcast, we interview David Parkes, general manager of Sanitaire, about how cleaning professionals can maintain and improve productivity with day cleaning processes.

1. Sanitaire is known for producing durable and high-quality commercial vacuums and continues to create a variety of solutions for industry challenges. One of the latest issues is day cleaning. Can you tell us more about this trend?

Day cleaning is starting to have a significant impact on the commercial cleaning industry. It’s a great way for cleaning professionals to reduce costs and address high staff turnover. Studies show that cleaning during the day can be 15 to 25 percent less costly than nighttime cleaning because facilities can save a great deal of money when lights and HVAC are turned off at night. Utility expense can be reduced by as much as 30 percent by switching from nighttime to day-based cleaning. It can be a challenge to schedule cleaning around daytime activities of building occupants, however the benefit from the cost savings can make this a worthwhile venture.

2. How has Sanitaire responded to the increase in day cleaning routines?

One of the biggest challenges with day cleaning is doing a thorough cleaning without disturbing those who are working. That means vacuums – as one of the noisiest cleaning tools – had to change. Our Quiet Clean® line solves this problem. It is a series of vacuum cleaners that let cleaning professionals vacuum facilities 24/7 without so much noise. All of the vacuums in the Quiet Clean line operate below 70 decibels, so staff can clean day and night with less impact on the workers around them.

But we didn't just reduce cleaning noise with the Quiet Clean line – we built durable, user-friendly vacuums that provide superior cleaning performance and value. All of our Quiet Clean models are built with highly-efficient, extra long-lasting commercial motors for less maintenance and unscheduled downtime. Most of the models are equipped with wider cleaning paths, ranging from 12 to 15 inches, that can cover 20 percent more area for quicker cleaning. The newest, easy-to-maintain bagless model cuts costs even further by eliminating the need for disposable dust bags. And washable filters provide additional savings and help maintain a cleaner environment.

3. Is it possible to implement day cleaning without sacrificing power or productivity?

Absolutely. We understand that every customer has individual day cleaning challenges to work around, and they should be able to do so without sacrificing power and efficiency. So when we reduced the noise level in our Quiet Clean® models, we ensured that the powerful performance of each vacuum was maintained – and even improved – so as to benefit our customers' everyday productivity. Each model is equipped with features and tools to streamline cleaning tasks and decrease unscheduled downtime. For example, our Quiet Clean line features quick-change cords, unsurpassed sealed HEPA filtration, as well as bagged and bagless models that allow cleaning staff to empty dirt quickly as they move from floor to floor. By reengineering the products in the line to include these tools and run longer with less maintenance, we've found that it's allowed our customers to clean faster and more thoroughly than ever before.

4. It's no secret that the economy has affected the commercial day cleaning industry. What kind of money-saving features do Sanitaire products offer?

These days, everyone is under pressure to reduce costs. And we are always asked: how do you reduce costs while maintaining – or increasing – staff productivity? At Sanitaire, we believe it begins at the most basic level – the vacuum in your cleaning staff's hands. That's why it is so important to use a durable, easy-to-maintain product from the start. Our powerful vacuums are durable and low-maintenance, resulting in increased productivity, and ultimately, reduced operating costs. Our commitment to our customers' profitability goes beyond strength and durability. We've incorporated several features into our vacuums to save our customers money by reducing downtime. For example, washable filters help maintain a cleaner environment without additional costs. And our quick-change cords mean customers can keep their machine running, instead of sending it to the repair shop – saving both time and money. Over time, this kind of routine maintenance adds up. Through innovative designs, we've put that money directly back into our customers' pockets.

5. What tips would you offer to cleaning professionals looking to purchase a "greener" day cleaning tool?

Green cleaning continues to gain in popularity, and many of our customers are reevaluating their cleaning procedures and adopting greener methods. When it comes to green cleaning, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better value than the Quiet Clean® series. Every vacuum in the line meets LEED guidelines, which require vacuums to operate below 70 decibels, and has the CRI Seal of Approval certification. The line also goes beyond these requirements and features models with unsurpassed sealed HEPA filtration, which captures 99.97 percent of particles down to 0.3 microns, as well as washable filters to reduce maintenance cost. At Sanitaire, we're constantly researching environmentally-friendly vacuum designs that deliver on these industry demands without sacrificing our tough quality standards.

posted on 4/21/2011