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Cleaning's Role In Pandemic Preparedness

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In the last 10 years, facilities around the globe have been fighting to combat infections and bacteria such as the Bird Flu, C. Diff., MRSA and most recently, H1N1, better known as swine flu. As the threat of a pandemic looms, where’s the first place building executives turn to minimize an outbreak? The cleaner.

The reason for this is because proper cleaning and disinfecting throughout a facility can drastically reduce the threat of cross-contamination or the spread of bacteria and infectious viruses. Hand washing is also essential in fighting infections and education from cleaners on proper products and techniques will go a long way with building occupants.

Whether working in a school, health care or hospitality facility or corporate or retail space, cleaners are actively managing proper cleaning procedures and staff due diligence to minimize the spread of bacteria and other infectious viruses.

posted on 7/15/2009