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BSCs' Economic Outlook for 2011

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Every service company is affected in a unique way by the market forces that impact customers in the different sectors that they serve. For building service contractors, whose lifeblood is a consistent, reliable customer base, the past few years have been extremely challenging. They’ve seen customers close up shop, make severe service cuts, and leave for a lower bid elsewhere.

Staying afloat and thriving has required a multi-pronged approach. By striking a balance between being proactive enough to anticipate customer needs and reactive enough to find smart business solutions, BSCs seem to be cautiously optimistic during these very dynamic times.

Lisa Ridgely, deputy editor of Contracting Profits magazine, recently polled some BSCs to find out if they think the recession is over, how the economy affected business last year and what they envision for 2011. Tim Murch of Mitch Murch's Maintenance Management, Jill Frey of Cummins Facility Services, Lisa Bands of My Cleaning Service, Don Zerivitz of Pro Clean Building Maintenance and Craig Kersemeier of K-Tech Kleening Services share their experiences and opinions about where the economy is headed. Even during tough times, these BSCs see better times ahead, and face them with a positive attitude and perseverance.

posted on 2/7/2011