Vacuuming accounts for a substantial portion of employee time and labor as part of a daily cleaning program. To get the most of equipment and time spent vacuuming, manufacturers offer various tools and accessories that expand a vacuum’s ability beyond floor and carpet surfaces.

Attachments, tools, hoses and extensions give cleaning personnel the option to clean areas such as cubicle walls, vents and return ducts, high areas, ceiling fans, upholstery and crevices.

Many vacuums come with a core set of attachments. There are dusting brushes for small surface areas such as window sills, moldings and baseboards. Brush tools often are available in either synthetic bristles or horsehair, which is gentler on surfaces.

Crevice tools pull dirt out of narrow and difficult-to-reach areas. Upholstery tools are designed to clean furniture, draperies and fabric surfaces. Extension wands allow for vacuuming with various attachments in overhead or out-of-reach spots.

Attachments are typically available in metal or plastic. Plastic attachments are generally less expensive, more durable and lighter weight.

When buying attachments, end users should first check with their vacuum manufacturer to make sure they are compatible with their machine.