Folded towels remain as popular in some markets even as automated and touch-free dispensers grow in popularity. C-fold towels, or those folded twice, bringing two edges in toward the middle on the same side, are very popular, as are multi-fold towels that resemble a Z with two folds or an M with three. Single fold towels are available as well.

Textures can be anywhere from a very basic, inexpensive towel to those that are thick, soft and luxurious for high-end facilities. Many towels now offer partially or completely recycled content. The key to making sure users do not waste towel is to provide an appropriate size and absorbency for the restroom or sink environment.

There are drawbacks to using fold towels, including the inability to control usage and waste, and the potential for product theft. Depending on traffic or the size of the dispenser, it may need frequent restocking.