Studies indicate that if towels are not available, restroom patrons will walk out without washing their hands. But, maintaining the towel stock in a busy restroom can be challenging for cleaning crews. To avoid this conundrum, cleaners are opting for high-capacity roll towels whenever possible.

Incorporating roll towels will reduce restocking from multiple times a day — which is commonly required for c-fold towels in most high-traffic facilities — to only every other day. Not only will this provide the towels necessary for patrons to dry hands, but it will free up cleaners to focus on duties other than restocking restrooms.

Incorporating these high-capacity roll towels into a touch-free dispenser can further reduce the need for restocking. Most dispensers are pre-programmable to control the amount of towel that is dispensed for every patron. Setting towel dispensing to between 12 and 18 inches will be sufficient for building occupants to properly dry hands and will extend the life of that towel roll, minimizing the need for replacement.