All successful custodial contractors need a consultative focused distributor who is more interested in your ultimate success and growth than unloading stale products and overpriced equipment.  Most distributors do not manufacture any of the chemicals and equipment they market to end users such as yourself; although many have private label products that they sell against the name brand products. 

The local distributor has staff who mainly function as marketing reps for all the lines their company carries and may not be expert in any.  Some have custodial background and experience to the point of being able to train and recommend the best products and processes for many tasks.  Other staff simply take orders, manage inventory and are limited in providing technical support.

Manufacturers usually have one or more distributors in a given market and work through them to sell and support their products to end users.  Manufacturers will oftentimes have regional reps who support an area that includes several distributors. These reps can provide marketing and technical support to the distributors and end users. They will have access to chemists or engineers who can provide a high level of guidance when call upon to resolve a product or performance issue.

Manufacturer reps also can provide training to the distributor staff or end users in their product line thereby encouraging a uniform use of their products. Many provide regularly scheduled seminars and certification training on cleaning processes, safety, blood borne pathogens, maintenance and other subjects that can be used to enhance productivity and possible market expansion. They usually will have an online program as well.

It is highly recommended that the custodial contractor identify a quality distributor that carries quality products with close manufacturer support.  Demand not only competitive pricing but also training and support that can make a difference in growth and success. 

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Mickey Crowe has been involved in the industry for over 35 years. He is a trainer, speaker and consultant. You can reach Mickey at 678.314.2171 or