When confronting odors in a restroom, facility managers should start at the floor. That’s because restroom floors can be breeding grounds for odors if not properly cleaned. In some restrooms the floor drain is the main culprit of bad smells because the drains aren’t flushed regularly. To avoid this problem, facilities should regularly flush restroom drains with enzyme products. Floor drains, however, are not the only area that carries the potential for odors in restrooms. The flooring around urinals and toilets also pose problems. If left unattended, build-up can collect in flooring and wall grout lines. This not only makes future cleaning and odor control more challenging, but can permanently discolor the grout and create a poor perception of clean. That is why properly sealing a floor can help. But sealing the floor is not always the have-all-end-all, daily floor maintenance is mandatory in eliminating foul odors.