In large venues such as shopping malls or stadiums, restrooms often attract vandals. As common as writing graffiti on stall walls, vandals are also using toilet paper and hand towels to overflow toilets, sinks and urinals.

To combat flooding touch-free flush valves should be installed. That’s because in order to flood a restroom, vandals would have to flush a toilet or urinal 10 to 20 times in a row. By making fixtures touch-free, vandals are less likely to wait around long enough to cause significant damage.

Deliberately clogged sinks or urinals are a less frequent problem because they’re out in the open and not within the privacy of a stall. However, touch-free faucets can lessen the possibility of flooding. By installing touchless faucets, vandals are not able to simply turn on the water and walk out of the restroom. Instead, they would have to keep their hand near the faucet to keep the water running. Installing touch-free flush valves on urinals or waterless urinals will also help reduce vandalism.

Another way to prevent clogged and overflowing fixtures is to make acts of vandalism less tempting. Installing touch-free paper dispensers will deter vandals because they’re unlikely to continually wave their hands in front of the dispenser just to get a few inches of toweling each time. Installing hand dryers also removes the problem of paper towels altogether.