If there ever was an occupant population that needed to know the importance of proper handwashing, it would be adolescents in schools. Children are considered one of the most vulnerable populations in terms of health risks posed by not only their rudimentary hygienic habits but also by the lack of proper cleaning and harsh cleaning chemicals.

In educational facilities, the number of soap dispensers in a restroom is as important as their placement. Ideally, there should be one dispenser placed at least every other washing station, if not at every one. Using an automatic soap dispenser reduces the mess on floors and sinks, as well as the product waste, that can be created by children’s use of manual dispensers. Touchless dispensers also help reduce cross-contamination.

Foam soap in particular, because of its rich lather, can encourage children to use proper handwashing techniques. The dispensers themselves should be heavy-duty and large, to handle high traffic and to make it more difficult for vandals to destroy.