In many high-traffic restrooms, custodial crews might think it’s a good idea to offer an abundance of hand towels. Sure, this can guarantee availability and minimize the need to restock, but it can also pose costly problems if exposed to vandals. Instead, newer high-capacity touch-free dispensers are a better option.

Restroom vandals like when cleaners leave excess towels on counters. It provides easy access and opportunity to clog sinks and toilets, which can be costly in the form of towel usage and overflow cleanup.

Introducing sensor-operated dispensers can make this type of vandalism obsolete. When motion is detected, the fixture will dispense a pre-determined amount of towel for the patron. To access another towel, patrons will be forced to wait a pre-set amount of time before the sensor activates the dispenser a second time. This lag-time deters most vandals and high-capacity dispensing options satisfy usage demands in busy restrooms.