Manually mixing chemicals, or what is commonly referred to as the “glug-glug” method, is a nearly extinct practice. Today, chemical proportionrs feature dials, knob and push buttons to help end users automatically achieve the correct chemical dilution ratio every time.

And without these proper dilution rates, there can be costly, and dangerous, mistakes.

Too much water and too little chemical will be ineffective. If a janitor uses the improper amount of sanitizer when cleaning a foodservice facility, he could inadvertently end up spreading disease around the entire building.

The opposite — too much chemical and not enough water — is just as dangerous. The wrong stripper dilution can permanently bleach floors. The incorrect floor cleaner dilution can increase the liklihood for slip and fall accidents.

Chemical proportioners can also improve worker safety by minimizing exposure to chemicals. Wrong mixtures can create fumes and unhealthy amounts of volatile organic compounds. Also, there’s less back strain when using proportioners because users don’t have to lift heavy barrels and concentrated chemicals.