Placement of stationary chemical dispensing units is crucial for efficient operations. The location of the chemical proportioner can either save, or cost, a cleaning professional time and money.

In multi-level buildings, ideally there will be a dispensing unit installed on every floor. In larger one-floor facilities, such as malls, there should be one in each unique area, for example, near the food court, near offices, large restroom facilities, etc.

If units are not convenient for janitors, it can increase labor costs. For example, if there is only one dispenser for a facility and it’s located in the basement, each time the janitor is on a different floor, he will have to keep returning downstairs whenever he needs to refill a bucket or autoscrubber. That adds up to a lot of wasted time traveling back to the dispenser. That facility could be cleaned faster, and cheaper, if dispensing units were in close proximity to major cleaning operations.

If janitor closets are few and far between, end users can ask their distributors for their recommendations on the best placements for chemical proportioners.