Feminine hygiene products typically receive very little attention, even in the jan/san market. The industry is still predominantly men, who might not fully understand women’s issues or realize the inherent problems that women have.

This lack of understanding is why it is important for jan/san distributors to keep feminine hygiene products in mind when discussing the restroom with their clients. It’s a matter of educating the customer on the importance of feminine hygiene products, letting them know what products are available and informing customers of their benefits.

When discussing feminine hygiene with their customers, distributors should stress the importance of proper disposal options, in addition to offering convenience with dispensers, tampons and pads. Even though stall receptacles have a low price point, many facility managers overlook their need, assuming women will dispose of sanitary products in the regular waste receptacle.

In reality, many women flush them down the toilet, resulting in potential clogs. The distributor salesperson should help customers understand that a $20 receptacle can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in plumbing bills.