At the height of last year’s H1N1 pandemic, distributors say product was flying off shelves and for those who were able to meet demand, hand sanitizer sales soared. Following the panic, many expected a steep drop in sales, but in fact, distributors are still experiencing a steady stream of hand sanitizer sales.

Even with a 25 percent dip in sales following last year’s flu season and news reports of H1N1, sales are still higher than years past and distributors are once again optimistic as cooler months approach.

This optimism is in part because distributors have found that customers who added hand sanitizer dispensers during the H1N1 pandemic are more likely keep these units stocked year-round. Also, hand hygiene is top of mind as a preventative measure against various viruses.

While many distributors experienced a surge in sanitizer sales across all industries, certain facilities stood out above the rest: schools, office buildings, and grocery stores — and to a lesser extent healthcare facilities and restaurants.