A major benefit to touch-free restrooms is that they require less strenuous and frequent cleaning. Without hands touching fixtures and dispensers, they should stay cleaner longer. Plus, the products reduce waste, such as soap buildup below a manual dispenser or water pooling around faucets.

The devices can improve cleanliness and odor by keeping toilets and urinals flushed and eliminate messy puddles of soap and water around the sink. In fact, there is a tendency for traditional urinals not to get flushed, which can cause odor problems.

When cleaning is needed, it is important to use a cloth or flat mop and mild disinfectant to wipe down fixtures and surfaces. On a daily basis, it is important to wipe automated sensor eyes with non-corrosive chemicals, such as a non-acid bathroom cleaner. Finally, janitors should check units for clogging by taking the dispenser apart and cleaning out the interior about once a month.