Creating a positive first impression with building occupants is essential. And when someone walks in a facility, what do they do? They look around, which means it better look clean. And while they’re looking, they’re breathing, which means it better smell clean, too.

Smelling clean doesn’t necessarily mean it should smell like cleaning chemicals, but foul scents throughout a facility can result in misconceptions and negative feelings. To eliminate everyday odors, cleaning is your best bet. Regularly scheduled dusting, disinfecting, mopping and vacuuming are essential in removing dirt and bacteria that attract odors. But sometimes, even that isn’t enough.

To help reduce the potential for odors between scheduled cleanings, manufacturers offer a variety of odor control products — the most popular of which are odor eliminators used in the air. Ranging in fragrances, these air fresheners can help create positive first impressions for building occupants by eliminating odors and leaving fresh scents behind.