Although fragrances are used to freshen up a restroom, patrons are sometimes only met with unpleasant odors. That’s because scents from certain wall-mount dispensers gradually fade over time. Plus, aerosol cartridges only spray fragrance at timed intervals. New, innovative dispensers, however, feature fluid fragrance cartridges or wicks that emit scent at a constant level rather than emitting spray into the environment like metered aerosol products. A plus to using fluid-filled or wick dispensers is that they don’t require batteries. Thus, the dispensers continue to release fragrance until the liquid runs out. Without batteries, facility managers no longer have to worry about the dispenser running out of power in addition to scent. Another advantage is that the liquid lasts two to three times as long as conventional systems — 60 to 90 days compared to the typical 30 days. With traditional systems, cleaning personnel had to change the battery on the system when they changed the fragrance cartridge.