With reduced budgets, cleaners are always looking for ways to cut back on their expenses, but paper shouldn’t be one of those cutbacks. Cleaners who only look at the price tag will quickly realize that the most inexpensive product isn’t always going to give you the best value in the long run.

Less expensive paper tends to be of a lower grade that isn’t as strong or absorbent as other options — forcing building occupants to use additional towels to dry their hands. This excess use forces additional purchasing and when this happens, it stops being the cheapest.

With a higher grade of paper, people may only use two instead of three towels to dry their hands, causing less waste. In turn, the dispenser needs to be refilled less often. The initial cost of higher grade towels might be slightly more, but cleaners will see savings by minimizing purchasing frequencies and reducing labor costs.

When considering cutbacks on paper, it is also important to understand the needs and wants of the building occupant. With lower grade papers, towels will feel rougher. If softness is important, cleaners need to understand that they will have to pay for higher quality towels.