In office buildings, much of infection control depends on the cleaning and disinfecting of touch points as well as hot zones such as cubicles and desks, which can breed bacteria for days and weeks without ever being cleaned.

Common areas such as restrooms and breakrooms are hot spots for bacteria. Anywhere that is touched frequently by hands, such as doorknobs and handles, microwave buttons, sink handles and vending machines, should be disinfected regularly. Touch-free restrooms aid in infection control efforts, as most touch-points are eliminated.

Educating occupants about the ways they can protect themselves and their coworkers is one way to help curb the spread of illness. Basic rules include: not touching hands to the face, especially the eyes, mouth and nose; cleaning and disinfecting of desk surfaces such as phones, computer mice and keyboards; and most importantly, washing hands often, particularly after having blown their noses or sneezed.