Team cleaning typically involves a staff of four janitors, each specializing in different tasks.

The first team member is a light-duty or trash specialist, also known as the starter. This person dusts, spot cleans glass and empties the trash receptacles from cubicles. Following behind this person is the vacuum specialist or closer. This janitor vacuums the carpet, typically with a backpack vacuum, and checks to make sure his colleague emptied all the trash receptacles. When finished, the vacuum specialist locks the door and turns off the lights indicating this area is clean.

The third team member is in charge of all the facility’s restrooms. He or she fills the soap and towel dispensers, empties the trash, cleans and disinfects the fixtures and floor and cleans the mirrors.

The fourth team member is a project or utility specialist. This janitor concentrates on larger tasks such as mopping entryways, buffing floors, vacuuming stairwells and taking trash to the dumpsters.