Facilities that switch from towels to hand dryers in the restroom can see significant cost savings. Hand dryer prices start around $150 per unit and may cost as much as $1,000. Paper towels average around $25 per case. Multiply by 52 — one case per week for a year — and a facility could spend $1,300 annually.

In addition to eliminating the cost of purchasing paper towels, there is less cost for servicing the restroom. With hand dryers, towel dispensers don’t need to be refilled and janitors don’t need to pick towels up off the floor, or unclog them from sinks and toilets. (And if there is vandalism, there are no additional costs resulting from flooding fixtures.)

While there is an energy cost associated with hand dryers, it can be minimized by purchasing high-speed hand dryers. These units use about 50 cents worth of electricity per 1,000 hand dries.