Each year, an increasing number of states pass legislation requiring green cleaning in educational facilities.

New York became the first state when in 2005 they required schools to purchase green chemicals, floor care products, soaps and vacuums.

Illinois followed in 2007 mandating green chemicals, soaps and paper products. Their bill also recommended environmentally friendly air fresheners, tissue products, degreasers, floor care products, graffiti removers and can liners.

In 2009, four states passed legislation. Connecticut required green chemicals, floor finish, stripper and soaps. Hawaii’s bill referenced green chemicals, soaps and towels. In Maryland, products are required to be biodegradable, have low volatile organic compound content and use recycled packaging. And finally, Nevada passed legislation only mandating green floor care products.

Two states, Maine in 2007 and Missouri in 2008, also have passed green legislation, but these bills only recommend a green cleaning program rather than mandating it.

More states will soon introduce their own legislation. In fact, already in 2010, Wisconsin has proposed a bill requiring green products.