Training in safety related areas is very important at the supervisory level.  He/She should be well versed in all aspects of lifting, chemicals, equipment, tools and maintenance so that they are immediately aware of any variance from the best and safest way.  The goals should be to provide all workers with greater awareness of any and all workplace hazards while providing the knowledge and skill sets to perform their tasks in the most productive manner possible.

The benefit to the company includes reduced injuries, enhanced focus on the job and ultimately increased profitability.  A company that spends unnecessary time and resources responding to preventable accidents is vulnerable to bad publicity as well as lost opportunities and higher operating costs.  Supervisors can have a direct impact on safety day to day by:

• Train, observe, retrain, observe, retrain, etc.

• Respecting worker’s right to know WHY and HOW a given task or equipment use is performed.

• Closely monitor workers (especially new hires and those who have been on the job a long time) in need for retraining as the environment changes or potential accidents start to creep into the picture.

• Train each worker on proper work practices by demonstrating and having them show and explain what and why it is being performed a certain way.  

• Remembering that exposure to new tools or equipment will require additional time for a worker to get up to speed and be the most productive safely.  

• Use visual aids including videos, laminated cards and other tools to reinforce key points.

• Consider utilizing the buddy system if the worker is really attuned to best practices.

Please note the preceding is suggestive only since regulations will vary by government entity.  It is highly recommended that reader consult with local SME (subject matter experts) on any safety related topic and use the preceding as a starting point.  Go to for more information or use a search engine for local and state regulations. 

Your comments and questions are always welcome. I hope to hear from you soon. Until then, keep it clean…


Mickey Crowe has been involved in the industry for over 35 years. He is a trainer, speaker and consultant. You can reach Mickey at 678.314.2171 or