If a vacuum is out of commission or working improperly, the result is minimized productivity and lost income for cleaners. Simple and regular maintenance on vacuums can keep these machines running properly. For instance, filters and debris bags should also be changed regularly to keep the machine running properly. Blocked filters or overfull bags can restrict air flow and minimize suction. This loss of air flow and suction can build up pressure in the machine, overheat the engine and cause potential damage. Also, keep an eye on lubrication of parts and always store machines indoors. Humidity, fog and even the slightest mist can cause corrosion and rust. The potential for damage intensifies in cooler climates. Finally, keep the outside of the machine clean. This not only improves perception around building occupants, but it will help prevent debris from making its way to the interior of the machine, causing potential damage. How it looks is how it runs.