One of the best ways to prevent cross-contamination while cleaning is to use disposable cloths, such as paper towels, to clean, throwing them away after they are used to wipe away cleaning solution and dirt and debris from surfaces. However, with green cleaning and green practices becoming the norm, reducing waste is a goal for many facilities.

Microfiber cloths, which are more effective at picking up dirt and debris than traditional cloths, are helpful in reducing cross-contamination, provided janitors are educated about their use. Some microfiber cloths come with numbered quadrants, making it easy for users to differentiate between used and unused sides of the folded cloth. Microfiber color-coding to help reduce cross-contamination is also very popular. Proper maintenance of the cloths, particularly laundering, is crucial to their effectiveness. If they are dried at too warm of a temperature, it can melt the microfibers.