It is a fact that the typical carpet can trap and hold the equivalent of its own weight in dirt and grime. Studies have proven that 79 percent of these soils are dry. This means that 79 percent of all carpet cleaning can and should be done, with proper daily vacuuming.

Obviously, vacuuming alone will not result in perfectly clean carpets. Because foot traffic pushes soils deep into the surface of the carpet, much of the dirt is out of reach for the suction of vacuum alone or simply a brush with no vacuum at all. As the carpet pile fills up with this packed soil, the same foot traffic grinds away at the dirt and grit. This grit works like sandpaper to cut the carpet fibers, and causes the carpet to wear out prematurely. Note: One grain of sand has 36 cutting edges.

Any professional operation will utilize the daily use of a vacuum with brushing action, which remove the majority of these soils near the surface, preventing them from becoming impacted into the carpet pile. Periodically though, it may become necessary to deep vacuum carpet, mainly in high traffic areas, to remove soil and grit within the carpet pile. Keep in mind, this soil is still addressed while dry.

A professional Green cleaning operation recognizes that pile lifting equipment is the ‘Best Practice’ method for routine carpet cleaning. 

Here are some vacuuming tips:

• Maintain equipment to ensure optimal performance.

• Inspect your CRI vacuum after each use for damage, or wear including belts, brushes, cords and wheels. 

• Never allow a vacuum bag to become over filled. Collection bags must be changed when half full. 

• Regularly inspect the filter system. Clogged filters allow dust to go back into the air and can cause the vacuum to overheat. 

• HEPA filters must be replace, at minimum, every six months..


David Thompson is a 40-year veteran of the cleaning industry and author of “The New Generation of Cleaning”, a best Practices Guide for Environmental Health Services. Thompson is also president of the Green Clean Institute. His book can be found at while the GCI coursework and certification courses have a home at