Hand dryers can be customized to a facility to create a uniform look in the restroom. Purchasers can choose from a variety of colors and styles to match other fixtures and décor. For example, installing a hand dryer with a brushed stainless finish to match waste receptacles, fixtures and even artwork.

Sometimes it’s not the look of the hand dryer that matters, but its function. If the faucet, toilet, soap dispenser or other fixtures are touch-free, facilities can install a hand dryer that operates without pressing a button.

Quieter models that operate at 50 decibels compared to traditional models of 70 decibels can be used in libraries, corporate offices or government buildings. And for foodservice and healthcare facilities where hygiene is crucial, units are available that use an ultra-violet lamp to kill microbial contamination during the hand drying process. Other dryers feature HEPA filters to clean the air before it blows onto users’ hands, removing 99.9 percent of bacteria from the air.