With chemical proportioners, there is no more guessing when it comes to diluting concentrated chemicals. And without that guesswork, cleaning professionals should see a cost savings on their chemical purchases. For typical users, bulk chemical savings average 15 percent, but for large facilities, savings could go as high as 40 percent.

Since chemicals will always be diluted at the correct ratio, chemical waste will be reduced. Units will also eliminate improper mixing, which can either be ineffective or damaging to surfaces, causing more work and additional product. Also, chemical proportioners are often free with the chemical purchases, so there is no upfront cost that could offset savings.

By knowing the proper dilutions, end users will know how much product is going to be used in a given amount of time, allowing purchasers to lock in costs for their budgets.

If you’re still not convinced, start tracking your chemical usage. Look at how much was spent before implementing proportioners and compare it to how much chemical was purchased after the introduction of the dispensing unit. Track costs for six to 12 months. If dispensing correctly, you should see a savings.