As we become aware of the multiple risks around us, in the air and on many surfaces, we learn not only how to clean smarter but also more effectively.  Cleaning workers are exposed to basic trash including waste in trash cans, fecal, blood and other bodily fluids with the assumption that they will not become infected so long as the practice proper cleaning procedures and wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).  Continuing research demonstrates that each worker must take ownership of their own health if they are to avoid infection due to being exposed to a pathogen during work.  Following are some additional tips that should be passed on to workers: 

1. Take special precaution with any broken skin or cuts while working.  Even if you have worn gloves, it is advisable to wash thoroughly with soap and water, then dry thoroughly.

2. Note that antimicrobial soaps do not clean the skin any better than traditional soaps and may actually be contributing to propagation of some hearty microbes.

3. Regularly inspect gloves for cuts and nicks that might allow contact with disease.

4. Use caution in the use of antibiotic ointments unless absolutely necessary since cleaning and allowing the skin/cut to heal while being protected by a clean bandage may be all that is necessary.

5. Understand that a viral infection such as a cold does not require the use of antibiotics which only work on bacterial infections.  Frequent use of such treatments may reduce one’s ability to deal with the more robust infections that seem to be popping up every day.

6. If exposed to a series of antibiotics, promptly begin eating yogurt or taking probiotic supplements that can rebuild the good bacteria killed off during the treatment.

7. Eat well, exercise and use PPE correctly and safely so that you are not one of those who acquire an infection unnecessarily.

An educated staff can not only provide a higher level of service day by day but actually show up and not have to call in sick due to exposure at work.  

I hope to hear from you soon. Until then, keep it clean...